Commericum (Latin Trade) Project CANCELLED

The Commericum, known as the Latin Trade is being cancelled. There is no reason right now…but we will find out.

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Commerincum Project (2011)

So we hear, that Ravid, Kimmie, Gokart334, and Matan Nany are setting up the Latin Trade. It is an unofficial project; why do you think it is and why? Well, because the creators of xat, 42 and Darren have not approved it.

Therefore, it is ‘unofficial’. Please, the 4 creators of the newest project; Latin Trade (Commerincum Project) 2011. Link: hiring moderators and owners! Hiring moderators/owners end on August 16th, so please hurry!



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Hello world!

Opening of xat english help, also known as . I’ll be hiring some people on my blog since it’ll be hard to work on my own.

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